NewDigital Monsters/DigimonTV Anime's Image Posted


Update:The website of the Japanese toy retail group Takarajima Create Group haspostedBandai's solicitation sheet thatrevealedthat “a nationwide TV anime adaptation of newDigimonhas been green-lit!!” The solicitation sheet for “New Digital Monster (Tentative Title) Digimon Straps” also identifies the main Digimon lineup that will debut this summer: Shoutmon, Drullmon, Ballistamon, Greymon, and Monitamon. The straps will ship for capsule toy vending machines in Japan at the end of July.The lastDigimonanime to air in Japan was 2006-2007'sDigimon Savers, which ran in the United States under the name:Digimon: Data Squad.Image ©Akiyoshi Hongo/


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